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Halme Builders has developed several processes using Design/Build criteria in our projects. No matter what the needs you have for design and preconstruction we have answers that best fit your project. 

Bid/Design/Build is establishing a fixed price contract for the criteria your project requires. We produce the design required for permit and code review as part of the contract. This method is very efficient and can cut several months out of a typical pre-engineered steel building project.

Design/Bid/Build allows for the design in a separate contract. This allows for all the efficiency of contractor design but lets the design be driven off of unknown criteria at the start while arriving at the best final design. Because much of the elements are unknown at the start we then bid the final design. 

Hybrids of this option have been used to bid small portions of work that are unknown at the design phase.

Time and Material contracts allow for all costs to be reimbursed, regardless of design or construction. Many developing projects tend to lean toward this method of delivery as it gives the project managers more control as the projects move forward.